22L Water Filter Dispenser 6 Stage Bottle


• 22L Water Filter Dispenser 6 Stage Bottle
• Includes 22L bottle only (water dispenser available in-store)
• Food-grade plastic
• 6 stage filtration system
• Purifies tap water
• Removes dangerous chemicals and odours
• Removable lid
• Refillable container
• Compatible with 99% top-loading water dispensers
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


Have access to cleaner and purer water at all times with this Water Purifier Container. With a refillable capacity of 22 litres, the container is large enough to provide purified water on demand. Thanks to its 6-stage filtration system that ensures your water tastes great and free of harmful chemicals and impurities. The container is made of food-grade plastic and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It comes with a removable lid for easy access and cleaning. Not least, the container is compatible with most water dispensers for a hassle-free fit and use.


Container capacity: 22 litres
Material: Food grade plastic
Filtration system: 6-stage
Material: Activated carbon/ White mineral balls/ Red mineral balls/ Ceramic/ Filter cloths
Colour: Blue
Water purifier container: 28cm x 28cm x 55cm
Water filter: φ8cm x 18.5cm