Sweet Almond Essential Oil Pure Therapeutic Grade


• Sweet Almond Essential Oil Pure Therapeutic Grade
• 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade
• A base oil that can be used for dilution
• Assists with lowering cholesterol
• Assists with protecting against skin damage caused by radiation treatment in women with breast cancer
• Assists with constipation
• Assists with chapped and irritated skin
• Assists with cancer of the bladder, breast, mouth, spleen and uterus
• Is very easy to use
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


Sweet almond is a plant. It produces kernels (nuts) that are a familiar food. Sweet almond oil, prepared by pressing the kernels, is used to make medicine. Sweet almond is used as a mild laxative, and as a remedy for cancer of the bladder, breast, mouth, spleen, and uterus. Some people apply sweet almond directly to the skin to soften chapped skin, to soothe mucous membranes, and to kill germs.

Sweet almond is also used to dissolve certain medications in a liquid so they can be given as shots. In manufacturing, sweet almond is used widely in cosmetics.

Sweet almond might work as a laxative due to the presence of many fatty acids. When applied to the skin, these same oily ingredients might help chapped skin and irritated mucous membranes.

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