Weight Plates


• Weight Plates 10-100kg
• Commercial grade ideal for professional body workout
• High quality plates for lifetime use
• Standard 31mm diameter weight plates
• Various weights available to meet different needs
• Ideal for full body workouts, muscle gains and weight management
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Shipping Australia Wide


Are you planning to add more weight plates into your ultimate home gym? If you already have a barbell, this is the chance to increase your workout to be more effective. If you’re a beginner, it’s always good to start with a minimum weight plates and add on more gradually to strengthen your muscles after lifting for some time.

If you haven’t started, these are the reasons why you should start a home gym:

1. Time efficient: No more driving back and forth to the gym several times a week
2. Expenses cut: No more membership fee every month! And your home gym equipment still sellable any time
3. Freedom: You can train any time and any how you like. No more restrainment

Start your ultimate workout now! It’s never too late.


Aperture: 31mm

Weight plate sets:
10kg (2 x 5kg)
20kg (2 x 10kg)
30kg (2 x 5kg 2 x 10kg)
40kg (4 x 10kg)
50kg (2 x 5kg 4 x 10kg)
60kg (6 x 10kg)
70kg (2 x 5kg 6 x 10kg)
80kg (8 x 10kg)
90kg (2 x 5kg 8 x 10kg)
100kg (10 x 10kg)

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10kg (2 x 5kg), 20kg (2 x 10kg), 30kg (2 x 5kg 2 x 10kg), 40kg (4 x 10kg), 50kg (2 x 5kg 4 x 10kg), 60kg (6 x 10kg), 70kg (2 x 5kg 6 x 10kg), 80kg (8 x 10kg), 90kg (2 x 5kg 8 x 10kg), 100kg (10 x 10kg)