Wireless Eye Massager


• This Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds uses a combination of intelligent air pressure, vibration massage, point massage and gentle heat massage
• Just slip it on after a hard day… it rubs, presses, warms and massages your entire ocular region
• It even has built-in speakers and prerecorded nature sounds to help you relax
• The unique 180 degree foldable design gives you a great fit and easy storage
• With built-in speaker, it has a feature to download MP3 music from a computer. Connecting the computer with device via a USB cable, the computer will check the internal TF card automatically. And the Memory card capacity is 256M, you can download your favourite songs and enjoy a music trip when wearing the eye massager
• Automatic Control: Press the time button on the remote controller to set your desired massaging time, choosing between 5, 10, 15 minute rotations
• Remote Control: After turning the eye massager on, you can control it with remote controller, and change the massage mode, song switch and voice adjusting
• This massager is wireless, with built-in rechargeable battery, charging with USB cable; and it is easy to fold, providing you maximum portability
• Includes FREE Shipping Australia Wide